July 14, 2016
8 months and 12 days since
our celebration.

Thank you King Family for a job well done !!!

2016 Smith Williams Family Reunion
Philadelphia, Pa.
We would like to thank the King family for the fantastic job of planning and hosting the 2016 version of the Smith-Williams Family reunion in Philadelphia, Pa.
Denise and Don King pulled out all the stops and didn't put anything to chance as they organized one of the best reunions ever. They truly did set a new standard for future reunions.

Those who couldn't make it to the 2016 reunion, truly missed a really great time and the wonderful hospitality shown to us by the King Family.

Even though participation was very light and the turnout was not as expected, we "Turned it out" in Philly thanks to the Kings.

The Meet and Greet was catered and everything on the menu was delicious. The Photo Boof (No I didn't misspell it), was a big hit and a real spark of originality. We all got a chance to dress up with comical accessories supplied by the photographer and took photos showing our silly & funny sides. DJ "Don King" mixed it up for us and the Soul Train Line got us out on the dance floor.

The family cookout in the park had plenty of really, really good food. The "Ice Water Truck"  was also a hit with its many flavors.
All of the events were held in venues of close proximity to the base hotel, the Double-Tree. This made it  easy for all to get from one place to another.

If  I had to describe the 2016 reunion weekend I would describe it as "FANTASTIC, GREAT, AWESOME, STUPENDOUS, WONDERFUL , WELL PLANNED, INNOVATIVE, and CORDIAL".

I would also like to thank all of you who contributed to supporting this website at the banquet. Your contributions will go a long way toward keeping it active.

Thanks to the King Family for a job well done !!!


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